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Versatile and Experienced

My Locksmith is one of the most versatile locksmith businesses in the area. We have more than 16 years of experience and offer a full suite of services for clients. Residential, commercial, and automotive services are our three areas of expertise. We have the capacity to handle a vast number of projects related to locksmithing.

Another area we strive to excel in is our emergency locksmith services. We have a storefront, but it does not limit us in our mobility. We have various locksmith vans to serve all three of our locations.

My Locksmith proudly serves the state of Texas and South Florida. More specifically, we serve Houston and Dallas, Texas, and the Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale area in Florida. Our services can be found prominently throughout each of these areas. Each of our teams is professional and experienced in what they do.

Furthermore, clients will feel safe with our team of technicians. Each technician has an extensive background check on record when we hire them. Our technicians are also DMV certified, so they are safe on the road no matter what. The safety of our clients is the most important aspect of our job.

Protect Your Home

Homes like condos, apartments, houses, and duplexes can take advantage of our residential services. Protect your family from potential threats. The locks you currently have installed in your home may not be enough to keep thieves out. If you have a standard pin tumbler lock, then you could be a victim of lock bumping.

This simple technique can lead to home invasions and thefts. Keep unwanted visitors out of your home with high-security locks. Spending a little extra on safety is never a downside. Smart locks may also be a better option if you are looking for higher-tech locks or interested in home automation. These features will help protect your family and keep your property safe.

One type of high-security lock that we recommend is a smart lock. Smart locks are a great way to prevent intruders from entering your home. Additionally, smart locks or other high-security locks cannot be picked or bumped. These evasive techniques can turn homeowners into victims of a burglary. My Locksmith wants to help prevent that possible reality from happening.

Benefits of Smart Locks

Smart locks have a handful of benefits homeowners can enjoy. Firstly, smart locks can be unlocked and locked from your phone. This increases the accessibility of your home. You will not have to keep a ring of keys in your pocket anymore. Simply unlock your front door when you get home from a long day. Homeowners also won’t have to worry about losing keys because smart locks need no such thing.

Secondly, smart locks improve security. We have already mentioned the preventative measures smart locks have. They prevent unwanted threats from entering your home. A smart lock is undeniably better than a standard pin tumbler lock. These locks can be equipped with cameras and alarm systems as well. So, in case someone does try to break in, you will have evidence of their entry.

Thirdly, smart locks can connect to a number of systems in your home. Smart homes are becoming more prevalent than ever. Automating aspects of your home increase the convenience and improve the quality of your life. Connect additional cameras to your security system to have a beefier system overall.

The First Line of Defense for Your Business

Workplace safety is paramount for several reasons. First, you want to protect your employees from potential dangers. They should feel safe in their workplace, which subsequently improves productivity. Second, your business’s property cannot be cheap. Starting a business is not easy. It requires a lot of time and money, which is why the first line of defense is so crucial.

My Locksmith is a medium-sized business so we can manage various-sized projects. Whether you run a corporation or a small mom and pop shop, My Locksmith can help. Improve security by installing keycard readers, biometric locks, buzzer systems, or electronic locks. All of these features protect your business from potential threats.

One way we provide such exceptional features is through the Mul-T-Lock brand. We are an authorized dealer of this premium security solution brand. They are one of the leaders in developing locks and security options for homes and businesses. Regardless of what clients want, our premium services and products will help business owners have peace of mind while running their business.

My Locksmith also understands how busy business owners or managers may be. In that case, give our team a call or fill out the form on the contact page to schedule an appointment. Our team would be happy to set up a time to meet you and discuss security solutions. If you are not sure what security solutions you would like, then we can help you decide. Our free security audits help business owners keep their employees and property safe.

Technicians will assess your business property. They will examine entry points, windows, roof access, and additional buildings if there are any. You will then get the technicians’ professional opinion on the property. From there, you are welcome to take their advice and upgrade to better security. We would be happy to improve the security and safety of your business.

A Locksmith for Property Owners and Managers

Owning or managing property can be difficult. You may have to evict a tenant, introduce new tenants to a property, or improve the security of a property. No matter what you need, My Locksmith can make the transition as seamless as possible. Property owners and managers will want to find the right solution for their property, and My Locksmith is just that.

If you need to handle an eviction, then our team can help handle the situation. Once the tenants have been removed, our team can go in and rekey the property. We can also improve the quality of the locks if property managers or owners prefer. From there, we will take pictures of the property so the landlords can have an idea of the condition. These images may come in handy in case any issues arise later on in the eviction process.

After that, we will mail the keys to the landlord or leave them in a safe place on the property. In addition, we can install a lockbox on the property to store additional keys or documents. Now, evictions are not the only reason to use our services. Those who generally rent out their property will also find our services beneficial.

For example, people who run Airbnbs have properties that act like hotels. Smart locks can help these property owners create a seamless and safe check-in process for their guests. Smart locks can be unlocked remotely, feature cameras, and two-way audio. Simply unlock the door for your guests once they get there and let them enjoy their stay.

The Key and Vehicle Doesn’t Matter

You may be wondering what keys and vehicles we can service for our emergency lockout services. Well, it doesn’t matter what key or vehicle you drive because we can service all of them. You read that correctly. Whether you drive a Tesla or a boat, our team of technicians can create a new key for the vehicle or help you get back inside.

My Locksmith technicians are trained in the latest makes and models of vehicles. They know the best techniques in how to get inside of them without a key. Technicians can even create a key without having the original. Our vans are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, so we cut brand new keys relatively fast. Each van has more than 1000 blank keys of various types. From a car to a filing cabinet, our van has the key you need.

Clients will also be relieved to hear we can service other vehicles than just the standard car or truck. Boats, ATVs, RVs, semi-trucks, and even helicopters are serviceable by our team. Motorcycles are another specialty to ours. We can replace the ignition in case your key breaks off inside or create new keys for your saddlebags. No matter what your vehicle or key is, our team can help.

Locked Out or Lost Keys?

The inconvenience of losing your keys or getting locked out of your car is tiresome. The process of retrieving your keys or replacing them is lengthy and costly. My Locksmith wants to make the process easier and stress-free. Give us a call at (866) 785-8771 for emergency services. Our team is waiting for your call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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