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My Locksmith is an authorized dealer for one of the biggest names in the security solutions industry. Mul-T-Lock is a leading high-security lock manufacturer. My Locksmith has the honor of offering these premium products. Some of their lock designs lead the world in innovation and solution. Mul-T-Lock products cannot be lockpicked or bumped. Furthermore, their products can be found all over the world.

My Locksmith is proud to provide such amazing products to clients. These high-security locks are the best solutions for businesses and homeowners. You do not have to worry about a thief picking or bumping your lock. Mul-T-Lock works closely with My Locksmith, so clients can obtain the peace of mind they deserve.

There are many different types of high-security locks that clients can choose from. Smart locks are a popular option for various clients. For instance, a family would find a lot of comfort in a smart lock with a camera. Smart locks can show users who is at their door when knocking. Additionally, some smart locks feature two-way audio for users to speak with each other.

High-Security Lock Characteristics

High-security locks feature different characteristics from the last. However, there are numerous traits locks have to improve security. The following features are what you should look for when upgrading your locks.

  • Restrictive keyways
  • Key control – unauthorized duplication prohibited
  • Key differs
  • Manipulation resistance
  • Forced entry/destructive resistance
  • High manufacturing tolerances

These features help prevent unwanted guests into your home. My Locksmith works closely with Mul-T-Lock to provide the highest-quality security solutions to clients. From smart locks to commercial vehicle locks, clients will have plenty of options when it comes to security.

Do not become the victim of lockpicking or lock bumping. Malicious techniques, like these, can easily be learned. In the same vein, most homes and businesses have locks that are susceptible to lock bumping. Improve the quality of your locks and safety with My Locksmith. Our technicians are professionals in every facet of their work.

Give us a call today at (866) 745-8771. Home and business owners can sleep peacefully knowing their property and loved ones are safe. High-security locks are the best way of protecting the things that mean the most. Mul-T-Lock and My Locksmith will ensure peace of mind when your property is equipped with high-security locks.

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