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Home Security Features

My Locksmith offers a number of features for residential clients. You can find the list of features and services we provide below.

  • Home lockout services
  • Lock installation & repair
  • Smart lock installation & repair
  • Lock rekeying
  • Key duplication
  • Master keys
  • Security audits

Get in touch with us today to help protect your family. Residential clients will undoubtedly find our services beneficial. If clients are looking into improving security, then they can schedule a free security audit for our professional opinion.

My Locksmith technicians will assess your home’s security. They will examine locks, doors, windows, and other buildings on the property like garages. Once they assess the home, they will give you their opinion on how you can improve security.

Call My Locksmith today at (866) 745-8771 to receive lockout services or find out how you can improve the security of your home. Families will find comfort in the features we have to offer. My Locksmith is dedicated to providing professional services to families who request them.

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Keep Your Family Safe

Keeping your loved ones safe is the biggest priority when raising a family. My Locksmith specializes in residential services for families wanting to improve the safety of their homes. Protect the ones you love with better lock and door installations. Our professional technicians are capable of installing such technology. We can ensure you will be safe with our technicians because each one is DMV certified and has FBI background checks on file.

Residential clients do not have to worry about the type of home they have. My Locksmith serves apartments, houses, townhouses, condos, duplexes, studios, and more. Ensure your family’s safety with enhanced security.

Prevent Lock Bumping

If your home’s locks are pin tumbler locks, then My Locksmith recommends you upgrade to high-security or smart locks. There are two types of keys for pin tumbler locks: Schlage and Kwikset. These locks can be subjected to what is known as lock bumping. Lock bumping is a terrifying technique for bypassing obsolete pin tumbler locks.

Pin tumbler locks operate using several spring-loaded pins with a second pin stacked on top. Once the key is inserted, the top pins align with the shear line of the plug. The plug is in the cylindrical lock most standard locks use. When the top pins are aligned with the shear line, then the cylinder or plug can be turned, which unlocks the door.

However, these pins can be manipulated in a way that can turn into a home invasion or burglary. A bump key is used to manipulate the pins of the lock. The key is inserted into the lock one pin or notch short of full insertion. The user will then hit the end of the key with a heavy impact. Subsequently, the top pins jump upward and catch on the shear line so the lock can be turned.

Lock bumping can be done in a matter of seconds with the right bump key. If you are not sure if your locks are pin tumblers, then give My Locksmith a call today. It is estimated that more than 95% of home locks are capable of being lock bumped. Be proactive and upgrade your locks to better versions. Smart locks and other high-security locks provide the perfect amount of security.
So, give My Locksmith a call today at (866) 745-8771.

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