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An All-In-One Key

My Locksmith is no stranger to a single type of key. We specialize in every car key possible. Each of our technicians are trained in the most recent technology for car keys and locks. No matter what kind of car key or vehicle you have, our team will assist you.

Remote head keys are a common type of key that features several different aspects from other key types. First off, the key looks similar to the transponder key, but it features buttons like a fob. The remote head key is also known as the all-in-one key because of the various features.

The key acts similar to a transponder key. You must insert the key into the ignition. The chip in the head communicates to the car, which allows it to start. The only other differences the remote head key has are the buttons. These buttons are standard for most other fobs. They feature a lock and unlock button, while some may also have a panic and open trunk button.

The remote head key was created, so you wouldn’t have to carry an extra fob on your keychain. In some ways, it streamlines the use of your key. These keys may end up not working because of age, or the battery may have died. Over time, the key may have even lost its programming, which will require a new key.

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Remote Head Keys

Get the Battery or Key Replaced

My Locksmith is capable of replacing the battery of your remote head key or replacing the key completely. Clients can give us a call if they find their key has met its end. Our vans are equipped with state-of-the-art technology in locksmithing. They can craft a brand new key for your car. If you have lost your key, then we can still create you a new key for your vehicle.

Clients will learn that our technicians are exceptional at their jobs. Their backgrounds are extensive in locksmithing, which saves time when clients need it the most. Give us a call today at (866) 785-8771. You won’t have to stress any longer or call a tow truck. Clients will save time and money with our services.